Reviewing Procedure



1.                  It takes a month for the Editorial Board of  the Journal «Underwater Investigations and Robotics» to make the editorial decision on accepting a submission for publication.

2.                  All submissions for publication are subject to a peer review process.

3.                  The first review stage determines:

  • if the article submitted fits the scope of the Journal and its contents;
  • if the article submitted meets the Journal  format standards;
  • if the language of the article suits the scientific style;
  • if the article submitted provides statistics, charts, diagrams, illustrations that verify the results of the Investigation.

4.                  If the article submitted meets the abovementioned requirements, the manuscript is subject to peer reviewing. The article is peer-reviewed by a subject matter expert. The expert evaluates:

  • if the contents of the paper corresponds to its title;
  • if the issue is urgent;
  • if the article statements have scientific novelty;
  • if the Investigation results have theoretical and applied relevance.

5.                  The expert returns his review  to the Editorial Board  within 15 days. The review provides his recommendations on accepting or rejecting the manuscript for publication.

6.                  The reviewer also points out the  amendments for the author to introduce.

7.                  If the manuscript is rejected for  publication the reviewer is to render the valid reasons for rejection.

8.                  The review is to be in printed and electronic forms; it is to be signed by the reviewer and certified with a seal of his\her affiliating institution.

9.                  Originals of reviews are kept by the Editorial Board of of the Journal «Underwater Investigation and Robotics»

10.              The Editorial Board has a right to perform scientific and literary editing of an article.

11.              The Editorial Board informs the author of the manuscript of the peer review results and publication dates within a month after the manuscript submission.

The Editorial Board provides the author with a free copy of the issue with the article published.